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"IO Interactive’s thirdperson shooter sequel recreates a Shanghai at its darkest moments, a super-urban nightmare of tightly packed skyscrapers and decaying alleys, the entire hyperreality lit either by flickering neon or the sallow flat sunlight filtered by a thick pillow of smog. This is neither a love letter nor balanced travel journalism, but it is a dizzying, dense and powerful fiction, and it makes Dog Days’ opening act a furious, alarming experience as the city crowds in with its cluttered skyline and bustling streets, its linear levels managing to be both claustrophobic and suggestive of a bewilderingly large place."

- EDGE Magazine


“We could go on, but quite simply this is one of the most outstanding visual styles we’ve seen in a good while. Scenes which would normally be gorgeous enough - for example, edging your way through a bustling Shanghai street - are given a staggering atmosphere that must be seen to be believed.”

- Strategy Informer


There is only one thing that Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days succeeds at. It makes Kane & Lynch: Dead Men look really, really good.

Score 1.0 -- Epic fail

- Destructoid